§ 20-1703.  Duties of the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Prisons System. 107
   (1)   The Commissioner of the Philadelphia Prisons System, in concert with the Director of R.I.S.E. (as defined in subsection 19-2604(9)(a)(.6)), shall ensure that the Philadelphia Prisons System and R.I.S.E. carry out the following program for each Returning Citizen who was a Philadelphia resident and is to be released from a period of sentence in the Philadelphia Prison System:
      (a)   Each such Returning Citizen shall, at least three months prior to release, be advised of the opportunity to participate in the Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program set forth in subsection 19-2604(9).
      (b)   Every Returning Citizen who expresses an interest in participating shall be given a pre-release assessment of his or her current education, job training level and future job prospects, physical and mental health status, and the housing and family circumstance to which he or she expects to return to in Philadelphia upon release, and based on that assessment, an individualized package of basic education, job training and retention, financial and life skill management training, and other support services will be designed to assist the prisoner in securing employment, housing or other life improvement services as soon as possible after release.
      (c)   A PREP Employee's Agreement will be prepared in accordance with subsection 19-2604(9)(e).
   (2)   In consultation with the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Prisons System, the Director of R.I.S.E (as defined in subsection 19-2604(9)(a)(.6)) shall seek to enter into cooperative arrangements with federal, state and other non-City correctional facilities located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through which the same program set forth in subsection (1) will be provided to Returning Citizens who were Philadelphia residents and who are to be released from a period of sentence in such facilities.



   Amended, Bill No. 100369 (approved June 30, 2010); amended, Bill No. 130769 (approved December 4, 2013).