§ 20-1010.  Required Termination of a Litigation Fund Committee. 82
   (1)   A litigation fund committee must be terminated no later than six months after the date of the general election for the office which the candidate seeks, except that if any matters for which litigation funds may be expended are pending during such six month period, then the litigation fund shall be terminated within six months after the conclusion of all such matters, including any appeals.
   (2)   Before a litigation fund committee is terminated, any remaining litigation funds shall be returned to contributors on either a "last in, first out" or "first in, first out" accounting basis, or on such other equitable basis as may be approved by the Board of Ethics, and the litigation fund checking account shall be closed.
   (3)   The Board of Ethics may for good cause shown extend the deadline for termination of a litigation fund committee.



   Added, Bill No. 100124 (approved June 16, 2010); renumbered and former Sections 20-1010 and 20-1011 deleted, Bill No. 190083-A (approved May 1, 2019).