§ 20-1003.  Candidate Political Committee Accounts. 73
   (1)   Candidate Political Committee Account. A candidate for City elective office shall have no more than one political committee and one checking account for the City office being sought, into which all contributions shall be made, and out of which all expenditures for that office shall be made, including expenditures for retiring debt incurred to influence the outcome of a covered election. If the candidate for office maintains other political or non-political accounts for which contributions are solicited, such funds collected in these accounts shall not be used for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a covered election, or to retire debt that was incurred to influence the outcome of a covered election. The restrictions of the subsection shall not apply to a Litigation Fund Committee established pursuant to Section 20-1009 or a Transition and Inauguration Committee established pursuant to Section 20-1011.
   (2)   It shall not be a violation of this Section for a candidate for City elective office who is a ward leader to make expenditures through his or her ward's political committee for the printing or distribution of sample ballots where such sample ballots list the candidate as one of the endorsed candidates either of the candidate's party or of the candidate's ward.
   (3)   Upon formation of a candidate political committee, the candidate immediately shall file with the Board of Ethics a statement identifying:
      (a)   the name and address of the committee;
      (b)   the checking account information of the committee;
      (c)   the identity of the treasurer of the committee;
      (d)   such other information as the Board of Ethics may require by regulation.
   (4)   A candidate or an employee or agent of a candidate's campaign may use personal funds to make purchases for the benefit of the campaign so long as:
      (a)   it is reasonably necessary that such purchases are not made from the candidate committee's checking account;
      (b)   the campaign reimburses the candidate or employee or agent within 45 days of the purchase;
      (c)   the reimbursement is disclosed and accurately described in the required campaign finance report; and
      (d)   the candidate's campaign maintains documentation of the reimbursement and underlying purchase. A purchase that complies with the foregoing shall not violate Section 20-1003 and shall not count towards the contribution limits set forth at Section 20-1002.



   Amended, Bill No. 050301-A (approved June 9, 2005). See note 64 for effective date provisions. Caption and Section amended, Bill No. 060629 (approved November 16, 2006); amended, Bill No. 100122 (approved June 16, 2010); amended, Bill No. 100126 (became law June 17, 2010); amended, Bill No. 190083-A (approved May 1, 2019).