§ 20-208.  Special Firemen. 8
   (1)   The Fire Commissioner may establish a force of auxiliary firemen which may be called to active duty by the Mayor or an officer designated by him during any period of distress, disaster or emergency.
   (2)   When called to active duty and until relieved from such duty by proper authority, auxiliary firemen shall have the same powers as regular firemen.
   (3)   Auxiliary firemen shall perform such duties as the Fire Commissioner may assign to them as members of a special force or as integrated members of the regular force.
   (4)   The Fire Commissioner shall prescribe the qualifications for appointment of auxiliary firemen and may establish recruitment and training programs for auxiliary firemen.
   (5)   The Fire Commissioner shall issue rules governing the acquiring and wearing of uniforms and insignia by auxiliary firemen.
   (6)   Auxiliary firemen shall serve, without compensation, at the pleasure of the Fire Commissioner.



   Source: 1952 Ordinances, p. 385.