§ 20-101.  Residence Requirements. 1
   (1)   No person shall be appointed as an employee in the civil service of the City unless he or she has been a bona fide resident of the City for at least one year prior to his or her appointment.
   (2)   Every employee in the civil service shall maintain his or her bona fide residence in the City. The City Controller may require proof of the residence of any employee in the civil service.
   (3)   The Civil Service Commission may, upon the request of the Personnel Director, waive the above residence qualifications when in its discretion the circumstances warrant a waiver. 2



   Source: 1953 Ordinances, p. 175; Charter ref.: subsection 7-401(u). Amended, Bill No. 080003 (approved April 28, 2008); amended, Bill No. 200363 (became law September 10, 2020) .
   Footnote reserved.