§ 19-4107.  Waivers.
   (1)   Upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances, where distribution channels would make purchase of sugar-sweetened beverage from a registered distributor substantially impracticable, the Department, in its discretion, may grant a full or partial waiver to a dealer from the provisions of subsection 19-4102(1). In such case, as well as during the pendency of any application for waiver under this subsection, the tax shall be paid directly by the dealer to the Department, in such manner and using such forms as the Department shall prescribe. The Department may require an annual demonstration of continuing extraordinary circumstances in order to continue a waiver.
   (2)   The Department shall grant a waiver to any dealer that elects to register as if it were a distributor and agrees to assume all of the obligations of a distributor with respect to the dealer's acquisition of any sugar- sweetened beverage, including payment of the tax to the Department.