§ 19-4105.  Liability for Payment of Tax.
   (1)   The tax shall be paid to the City by the registered distributor; and the dealer shall not be liable to the City for payment of the tax; so long as the registered distributor has received from the dealer notification pursuant to subsection 19-4104(1) that the recipient is a dealer.
   (2)   In addition to any penalties provided hereunder, a dealer who fails to provide the notification required by subsection 19-4104(1); and a dealer who sells at retail, or holds out or displays for sale at retail, any sugar- sweetened beverage in violation of subsection 19-4102(1), shall be liable to the City for payment of any tax owing under this Chapter, and shall file returns with the Department in form prescribed by the Department.
   (3)   Where a dealer is also a registered distributor, no additional tax shall be owing on the supply of any sugar- sweetened beverage by such dealer/distributor to another dealer if the tax already has been imposed on the supply or delivery of the beverage to the dealer/distributor or the acquisition of the beverage by the dealer/distributor.
   (4)   In the event a court of competent jurisdiction rules in a decision from which no further appeal lies that any portion of this Chapter cannot be applied to a distributor with respect to any transaction or class of transactions, then any dealer that holds out for retail sale in the City sugar-sweetened beverages supplied through those transactions shall be liable to the City for the tax on those sugar-sweetened beverages.