§ 19-4104.  Notification of Dealer Status.
   (1)   Effective January 1, 2017, no dealer shall accept any sugar-sweetened beverage from a registered distributor, for purpose of holding out for retail sale in the City such sugar-sweetened beverage or any beverage produced therefrom, without first notifying the registered distributor that such dealer is a dealer subject to this Chapter. Notice shall be provided in the form of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sale for purpose of resale exemption certificate, so long as such certificate clearly indicates that the dealer is located in Philadelphia; or in such other form as the Department may provide. Every dealer shall maintain copies of any notices provided to a registered distributor, as provided in Code Section 19-506.
   (2)   Upon receipt of notification pursuant to subsection (1) above, no registered distributor shall supply any sugar-sweetened beverage to a dealer without providing to the dealer, contemporaneously, (i) confirmation of notification; and (ii) a receipt detailing the amount of sugar-sweetened beverage supplied in the transaction and the amount of tax owing on such transaction; all in form satisfactory to the Department.