§ 19-4005.  Reporting Requirements.
   (1)   Within ninety (90) days of the date that this Chapter first becomes law, the Department shall prepare a report on its compliance with the EITC Policy set forth in Section 19-4002. Such report may be in the form of the EITC Policy Implementation Manual described in Section 19-4003, and shall be filed with the Chief Clerk of Council, with a copy to the President of Council.
   (2)   Beginning on July 1, 2015, and on that date each year thereafter, the Finance Director shall submit to Council, together with the Mayor's proposed operating budget ordinance, an EITC Policy Implementation Report. The Finance Director shall post a copy of the Report on the City's website. The Report shall provide the following information: 717
      (a)   A detailed assessment of the progress made by the City over the previous calendar year in executing the City's EITC Policy. This should include the City's outreach efforts and strategy to identify, contact and enroll, by each year's respective tax filing deadline, all EITC-eligible persons residing or working in the City of Philadelphia. The City's strategy may include, among other things, a plan to accurately identify and enroll those who live or work in the City and who failed to claim the EITC in prior years, contracting with interested non-profits to provide free tax filing assistance, and engaging in community outreach;
      (b)   The most recently available data on the number of Philadelphia residents receiving EITC, the number of Philadelphia residents eligible for EITC, and the gap between the two, as well as those numbers for prior years;
      (c)   Commencing in calendar year 2018, the following additional information:
         (.1)   A detailed listing of all financial expenditures made towards the implementation of the City's EITC Policy. This should include, but is not limited to, expenditures relating to the following:
            (.a)   Community engagement and outreach efforts;
            (.b)   Marketing, advertising and personal relations;
            (.c)   Free tax preparation sites and filing efforts;
            (.d)   Communications efforts;
            (.e)   Personal services and administrative costs;
         (.2)   In addition, all expenditure information shall also include, but is not limited to:
            (.a)   An itemized list of all recipients (including non-profit organizations, accounting firms, city departments or any third parties) who received funds from the City relating to the implementation of the City's EITC Policy;
            (.b)   A listing of any contracts entered into by the City and the amount and scope of the contract;
            (.c)   Detail related to the process for contract selection and the percentage of M/W/DSBE participation as it relates to total EITC policy implementation expenditures; and
      (d)   Such other information as the Department deems appropriate or that Council by resolution requests.



   Amended, Bill No. 170245 (approved May 8, 2017).