§ 19-3701.  Definitions.
   (1)   Cigarette. Any roll for smoking made wholly or in part of tobacco, the wrapper or cover of which is made of any substance or material other than tobacco regardless of the size or shape of the roll and regardless of whether or not the tobacco is flavored, adulterated or mixed with any other ingredient. The term cigarette shall not include cigars, little cigars or cigarillos.
   (2)   Little cigar. Any roll for smoking that weighs not more than four pounds per thousand, where the wrapper or cover is made of natural leaf tobacco or of any substance containing tobacco.
   (3)   Smokeless tobacco. A product containing finely cut, ground, powdered, blended or leaf tobacco made primarily for individual consumption which is intended to be placed in the oral or nasal cavity and not intended to be smoked. The term includes chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco and snuff.
   (4)   Tobacco and tobacco-related product. 683 A product containing tobacco for smoking or other consumption, including any cigar, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco or other loose tobacco, but not including a cigarette or a little cigar; and rolling papers.
   (5)   Rolling Papers. 684 Any product consisting of sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper or tobacco which are sold for use as the wrapper or cover for any roll for smoking.



   Enrolled bill numbered this as subsection (3); renumbered by Code editor.
   Enrolled bill numbered this as subsection (4); renumbered by Code editor.