§ 19-3503.  Cessation of Assessment.
   (1)   Each Assessment shall not be imposed or effective to the extent the Secretary certifies to the Director of Finance that (a) revenues generated by the Assessment will not qualify as the Commonwealth share of program expenditures eligible for Federal financial participation, or (b) the Assessment proceeds will exceed the maximum aggregate amount that may be assessed under 42 C.F.R. § 433.68(f)(3)(i) or any other maximum established under Federal law.
   (2)   The assessments imposed by this Chapter shall cease on June 30, 2024, or on such later date as may be permitted by the General Assembly. 673



   Added, Bill No. 160872 (approved December 20, 2016); amended, Bill No. 190440 (approved June 26, 2019). See note 661 for effective date provisions.