§ 19-3210.  Conditions for Wage Tax Exemption. 646
   (1)   Residency. In order to qualify each year for an exemption from wage tax under this Chapter, a person shall be domiciled and shall reside in the Zone for a period of 184 consecutive days during each taxable year, which may begin on the date of designation of the Zone by DCED or on the date the person first resides within the Zone.
   (2)   Except as provided in subsection (3) below, and notwithstanding any exemption provided by this Chapter, the employer of any person claiming such exemption shall remain subject to Sections 19-1504 and 19-2806 relating to tax withholding. Any taxpayer claiming an exemption from wage tax pursuant to this Chapter may file a claim for refund with the Department of Revenue pursuant to Section 19-1703. 647
   (3)   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (2) above, an employer shall not be subject to the provisions of Sections 19-1504 and 19-2806, relating to tax withholding, with respect to any employee who is resident of the Philadelphia Strategic Development Area, so long as the employee has furnished to his or her employer information, as prescribed by the Department, necessary for the employer to withhold the correct amount of tax, including any changes to such information within 20 days after the change, unless the employer reasonably and in good faith believes such information to be inaccurate. Within 20 days after an employer receives any information from an employee requesting exemption from withholding, the employer shall forward a copy of such information to the Department. The information shall not be given retroactive effect for withholding purposes. 648



   Amended, Bill No. 010092 (approved February 28, 2001).
   Amended, Bill No. 071081 (approved December 21, 2007). See note 590 for effective date provisions.
   Added, Bill No. 071081 (approved December 21, 2007). See note 590 for effective date provisions.