§ 19-2804.  City Pledge; Duration of Taxes.
   (1)   The city pledges and agrees with each and every obligee of the authority acquiring bonds secured by an authority pledge of taxes imposed by this Chapter that the city will not repeal the tax or reduce the rate of the tax imposed for the authority until all bonds so secured by the pledge of the authority, together with the interest thereon, are fully paid or provided for. The revenues from the taxes imposed by this Chapter shall be revenues and property of the authority and shall not be revenues or property of the city. The taxes shall be collected by the Department of Revenue of the Commonwealth and shall not be subject to appropriation by the City Council or by the General Assembly.
   (2)   The taxes imposed under this Chapter shall continue in effect until all bonds of the authority which are secured by the authority's pledge of such tax revenues are no longer outstanding. For as long as any such bonds remain outstanding, City Council pledges not to repeal this Chapter or reduce the rate of tax imposed for the authority under this Chapter.