§ 19-1902.  Water and Sewer Reductions. 402
   (1)   The Water Commissioner is authorized to establish a reduction in charges for water and sewer services, for any eligible senior citizen in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the service charge and quantity charges to his or her primary residence. In order to qualify for any reduction, the eligible senior citizen must apply through the Revenue Department for a rate reduction within the first billing period for which reduction is sought.
   (2)   The Water Commissioner is authorized to continue to bill those eligible senior citizens who have previously qualified for a reduction in the water and sewer service charges and quantity charges at a reduced rate, in accordance with the reduction set forth at subsection 19-1902(1). 403



   Renumbered and amended, 1987 Ordinances, p. 1225.
   Added, 1976 Ordinances, p. 187.