§ 19-1702.  Petitions for Review.
   (1)   Every petition for review of any decision or determination relating to the liability of any person for any unpaid money or claim collectible by the Department of Revenue, for or on behalf of the City or the School District of Philadelphia, including, but not limited to, any tax, water or sewer rent, license fee or other charge, and interest and penalties thereon, shall be filed with the Tax Review Board within 60 days after the mailing of a notice of such decision or determination to the petitioner. 335
   (2)   Every petition for review shall state the reasons upon which the petitioner relies and shall include a certification by the petitioner that the facts set forth therein are true.
   (3)   The Tax Review Board shall within a reasonable time consider each petition for review and notify the petitioner in writing of its decision thereon. 336
   (4)   The filing of a petition for review shall not stop the accrual of interest and penalty otherwise due. 337
   (5)   The filing of a Petition for Review shall be deemed to include therein, whether or not specifically stated, a request for the waiver of interest and penalties. The Board shall rule upon the waiver of interest and penalties in conjunction with its ruling upon the Petition for Review. The failure of the Board to abate interest or penalties in whole or in part in its decision on the Petition for Review shall have the effect of a denial of such abatement. 338



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