§ 19-1607.  Premises Not Occupied by Owners. 329
   (1)   Any person, who, owning property situated in the City and connected to the City's water or sewer systems, does not physically reside on such property, or any part thereof, and fails to pay a water or sewer bill:
      (a)   within 15 days after the enactment of this Section where the bill has been delinquent six months or longer; or
      (b)   within 90 days with respect to bills becoming due, after the enactment of this Section, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100).
   (2)   The above penalty shall be imposed in addition to other penalties and interest for late payment as may now be provided by law. The delinquency on any bill rendered for a separate period of water and sewer service shall constitute a separate offense.
   (3)   If the Department directly bills a tenant of a property for services, and the tenant becomes delinquent in payment, the Department shall thereafter send duplicate bills to the owner of the property, or otherwise notify the owner of the delinquent status of the account, until the account is no longer delinquent. 330



   Amended, 1962 Ordinances, p. 957.
   Added, 1994 Ordinances, p. 821.