§ 17-2201. Legislative Findings.
   Whereas, the City has a financial and proprietary interest in hotel operations which lease property from the City or are financed with City assistance when these operations base their payments to the City in part on the revenue they generate; and
   Whereas, it is essential these operations conduct business efficiently and without interruption resulting from labor disputes; and
   Whereas, the City has found that the efficient and uninterrupted operation of hospitality operations may be threatened by labor disputes; and
   Whereas, the City's investment in these operations must be shielded from the impact that labor disputes may have on the revenue of these hospitality operations; and
   Whereas, the City has found that it can only protect its investment by requiring as a precondition for a lease or other financial assistance that the hotel sign an agreement with the labor organizations which represent employees in the hospitality industry which prohibits the labor organization and its members from engaging in picketing, work stoppages, boycotts or other economic interference with the Hospitality Operations for the duration of the City's financial interest.