§ 17-2009. Penalties.
   If the Designated Department determines that a Beneficiary has not complied with one or more of the provisions set forth in this Chapter, it may recommend that the City exercise, through appropriate channels, one or more of the following remedies: 229
   (1)   Withhold payment(s) or any part thereof related to the Financial Assistance pending corrective action.
   (2)   Require reimbursement of an appropriate amount of the Financial Assistance already provided to the Beneficiary.
   (3)   Suspend a Beneficiary from bidding on and/or participating in future City contracts for up to three (3) years.
   (4)   Impose fines or penalties pursuant to subsection 17-1603(1)(h). 230



   Amended, Bill No. 121038 (approved April 30, 2013).
   Added, Bill No. 160129 (approved September 6, 2016).