§ 17-2002. First Source Jobs Policy.
   (1)   No award of Financial Assistance by the City, as defined in Section 17-2001, shall be approved by Council unless the City requires, as a condition of receiving such assistance, that the Beneficiary enter into a First Source Employment Agreement with the Designated Department or its designee. Such agreement shall require the Beneficiary to use the First Source Registry as its initial source for obtaining candidates for all new, entry-level jobs created directly or indirectly as a result of such Financial Assistance. 223
   (2)   Any contract, lease, grant condition or other agreement entered into by the City with any City-related Agency shall contain a provision requiring the City-related Agency to abide by the provisions of this Chapter in the award of Financial Assistance to a Beneficiary.



   Amended, Bill No. 121038 (approved April 30, 2013). Enrolled bill cited Section 17-1901; renumbered by Code editor.