§ 17-1311. Living Wage and Benefits Review Committee. 131
   (1)   Establishment. The Living Wage and Benefits Review Committee is hereby established as an agency of Council. The Committee's purpose shall be to review the implementation, effectiveness and enforcement of this Chapter, to terminate waivers as provided in Section 17-1304, and to make recommendations to Council regarding the adoption of resolutions calling for debarment of certain contractors and recipients of City financial assistance under Section 17-1312. 132
   (2)   Members. The Committee shall be composed of seven members, at least four of whom shall be representatives of the labor and business communities and one of whom shall be a representative of the Office of Labor Standards. No more than two (2) members shall be members of the business community. No members of the Committee shall be employed by an employer subject to the provisions of this Chapter, except that the member representing the Office of Labor Standards may be employed by the City. 133
   (3)   Meetings. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly. All meetings shall be open to the public. At each meeting, an opportunity shall be provided for public testimony on matters relating to Chapter 17-1300 of The Philadelphia Code.



   Former Section deleted and new Section added, Bill No. 110558 (approved October 26, 2011).
   Amended, Bill No. 130744-A (approved March 4, 2014). See note 124 for effective date provision.
   Amended, Bill No. 140100 (approved March 21, 2014).