§ 17-509. Exemptions and Waivers.
   (1)   Individual Contract Exemptions. The MBEC, on its own initiative or at the request of the affected agency, may recommend to the Finance Director that an individual contract or contract "package" (i.e., related contracts being bid or awarded simultaneously for the same project or improvement) be made wholly or partially exempt from DBE City contracting goals prior to the advertisement for bids or solicitation of proposals, whenever there has been a determination, reduced to writing and based on the best information available at the time of the determination, that there are an insufficient number of DBEs within the Philadelphia Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area to ensure adequate competition and an expectation of reasonable prices on bids or proposals solicited for the individual contract or contract "package" in question. It shall be within the sole discretion of the Finance Director whether or not to grant said exemption.
   (2)   Waivers. Where a particular contract requires a contractor to meet a goal established pursuant to Section 17-504 of this Chapter, the contractor shall have the right to request a waiver from such requirements. The MBEC shall recommend that the waiver be granted where the contractor demonstrates that a good faith effort has been made to comply with the requirements set forth in this Chapter and all regulations promulgated pursuant to this Chapter.