§ 17-505. Annual Participation Goals.
   Council shall, by resolution, establish annual City contract participation goals for DBEs, after solicitation of recommendations of the MBEC.
   (1)   Criteria. The annual participation goals must be based on, but not limited to:
      (a)   the present availability of qualified DBEs;
      (b)   the utilization of qualified DBEs on past contracts awarded by the City;
      (c)   a forecast of eligible contracts to be awarded within the fiscal year; and
      (d)   an updated Disparity Analysis of businesses in the Philadelphia area.
   (2)   Limitations.
      (a)   The annual goals must be directly related to the availability of qualified DBEs and the identified disparity in the utilization of DBEs.
      (b)   The annual goal for DBEs may be no higher than the percentage of availability of DBEs.
   (3)   Purpose. The purpose of the annual goals is to aid the City in its annual evaluation of the program's effectiveness. Annual participation goals are not and may not be quotas.