§ 17-302. Disposal.
   (1)   Whenever any private personal property which has come into the control of any agency of the City cannot be or in fact is not returned within a year, the Procurement Department shall assume custody and control thereof.
   (2)   Whenever it assumes control of any private personal property pursuant to subsection 17-302(1), the Procurement Department shall:
      (a)   require a report from the surrendering agency as to how the property was acquired and other information concerning its status;
      (b)   notify the Auditing Department of its assumption of control and custody over the property, and forward to it a copy of the report received pursuant to subsection 17-302(2)(a).
   (3)   The Procurement Department shall take appropriate action to store, protect, maintain and return such property.
   (4)   If such property is in danger of spoiling or if the Procurement Department believes its storage and maintenance would be unreasonably expensive, and provided the Law Department approves such action, the Procurement Department shall dispose of it either at public auction, or by private sale after public advertisement or other appropriate public notice and receipt of bids.
   (5)   The proceeds of such sales shall be turned over to the City Treasurer.
   (6)   Property of a deceased person which is undisposed of or unclaimed by any person entitled to it within one year after it comes into the custody of the City Morgue, shall be sold by the Procurement Department. Prior to such sale, the Procurement Department shall circulate among the City departments and agencies which may have use therefor, a list of the types of articles proposed to be sold. If any department or agency advised the Procurement Department that any such property will be useful to it, and if the Procurement Department determines that the amount likely to be realized upon sale is less than the value of the articles to the department or agency, such articles shall be turned over to the appropriate department or agency for its use. If more than one department or agency requests any article, the Managing Director shall determine which department or agency shall receive it. 91



   Amended, 1957 Ordinances, p. 99.