§ 16-704.  Board of Directors.
   (1)   Permanent Board. The Land Bank shall be governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of eleven (11) members. Five (5) members of the Board shall be appointed by the Mayor; five (5) members of the Board shall be appointed by majority vote of all the members of City Council; one (1) member shall be appointed by majority vote of the other members. All members shall serve terms concurrent with the appointing authority, and shall serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority. Members shall continue to serve until their successors have been appointed. Any individual or organization may submit recommendations for board membership to be considered in making appointments.
   (2)   Qualifications. Members shall include individuals with expertise in relevant areas, including but not limited to planning, real estate development, open space, and architecture; may not be elected public officials; and shall live or have a primary office in the City of Philadelphia.
   At least four (4) members of the Board must be employees, members, or board members of nonprofit or advocacy organizations working in the field of housing or community development, or of civic associations, with each appointing authority to appoint two (2) such members. These members shall have particular knowledge of conditions and needs in neighborhoods with significant rates of vacant and/or publicly-owned properties.
   (3)   The Board of the Land Bank shall hold monthly public meetings, shall make each meeting's agenda available on the Land Bank's website at least ten (10) days in advance of such a meeting, and shall allow for public comment on matters under deliberation at each such public meeting.