§ 16-406.  Uniform Strategic Plan and Performance Reports. 42
   (1)   No later than one year following the effective date of this Section, and every three years thereafter, the Department of Planning and Development shall prepare a Uniform Strategic Plan and make it available to the public on its website. The Plan shall not be published until: (i) the Department conducts a public hearing on the Plan; (ii) after such hearing, the Plan is approved by the Boards of Directors of the Land Bank and the Redevelopment Authority; and (iii) after such approval by those Boards. City Council approves the Plan by ordinance or resolution. An approved Plan shall remain in force until a successor plan has been approved.
   (2)   The Plan shall inform the acquisition, maintenance, and disposition of surplus property for the following three year period, and shall address the following elements.
      (a)   An analysis to determine market conditions and trends in census tracts where the Agencies hold or are likely to hold property. To the extent feasible, this analysis shall specifically evaluate the relative need and availability for affordable or mixed-income housing that is accessible or visitable; economic development that creates jobs for community residents; community facilities that provide needed services to residents; side and rear yards; food-producing urban agriculture; community open space; and any additional core beneficial land uses that may be identified by the Agencies.
      (b)   An inventory and mapping of vacant properties in each census tract or grouping of census tracts, including properties that are owned by the Agencies and properties that are privately owned and delinquent as to municipal taxes or claims.
      (c)   Proposed goals for the three year period following adoption or revision of this plan for acquisition, maintenance, and conveyance of properties that support the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the goals of community plans accepted by the City Planning Commission, and which encourage equitable redevelopment. This shall include, but is not limited to, items such as defined targets for the share of future housing units to be built on public properties affordable to different income ranges of very low-income, low-income, and moderate-income households, as well as economic development/job creation projects, urban agriculture, open space, and additional core beneficial land use needs that were identified pursuant to (a) of this subsection. These goals shall be based on the analysis of each census tract or grouping of census tracts that were identified pursuant to (a) of this subsection, taking into account the existing inventory of the Agencies as well as the universe of vacant and tax delinquent or City-liened properties, and demand for land based on requests received in the previous year. The Uniform Strategic Plan may also include analysis of the anticipated availability of funding, and the feasibility of inclusionary housing requirements if applicable.
      (d)   Recommendations for uses of properties in census tracts that advance the goals of the Plan.
      (e)   Defined annual targets for the overall number of properties transferred.
      (f)   Defined annual goals for acquisition including identifying the geographic areas where the Agencies would seek to acquire properties and for what purpose.
   (3)   Every year, the Department shall prepare a Performance Report for City Council approval by ordinance or resolution, regarding the acquisition, maintenance, and disposition of surplus property during the prior year, and shall address the following elements during that period.
      (a)   A list of all properties acquired by the Agencies.
      (b)   A list of all properties conveyed by the Agencies that includes: the price, with reference to any discount applied; name of the buyer; proposed use; a summary of any special terms and conditions of the conveyance; and, if applicable, the approximate income of the households that will benefit from the intended use, if the sale price was less than fair market value.
      (c)   A list of all properties held or reserved for an applicant, including the term of the hold period.
      (d)   An aggregated analysis of all maintenance activities.
      (e)   An aggregated analysis of all applications received including their proposed use, duration and status, and reasons for outcomes.
      (f)   An aggregated analysis of any efforts related to monitoring and enforcing compliance with provisions agreed upon as conditions of past sales.
      (g)   An aggregated analysis describing the Agencies' yearly progress towards fulfilling the goals set forth in the Plan, and an explanation of any obstacles to the achievement of such goals.



   Repealed and replaced, Bill No. 190606-AA (approved November 12, 2019). See note 32 for effective date provisions.