§ 16-403.  Disposition Policy: General Provisions. 36
   (1)   Section 16-404 sets forth policies governing the disposition of surplus properties by Agencies. Such policies shall apply with respect to the City's disposition of any such property through an Agency.
   (2)   Council's approval of a transfer of property to an Agency, either directly or through another agency, including any approvals set forth in this Chapter, is conditioned upon a requirement that the Agency adopt the policies set forth in this Chapter with respect to the disposition of the Agency's surplus property. Such condition includes a requirement that the Agency agree to follow the disposition policies of this Chapter with respect to all surplus property held by the Agency, including property that the Agency acquired other than from the City.
   (3)   Any conveyance of property by the City to an Agency shall also be conditioned on the Agency's agreement to follow the Disposition Policy.
   (4)   The City may enter into a Memorandum of Understanding or other agreements with an Agency to effectuate the purpose of this Section.



   Repealed and replaced, Bill No. 190606-AA (approved November 12, 2019). See note 32 for effective date provisions.