§ 16-402.  Definitions. 35
   (1)   In this Chapter the following definitions shall apply:
      (a)   Surplus Properties. Surplus properties are those properties which:
         (.1)   have been acquired by an Agency or the City;
         (.2)   the City has no bonded indebtedness in connection with such property;
         (.3)   are determined by the City or the relevant Agency to be suitable for disposition to effectuate the purposes of this Chapter; and
         (.4)   if owned by the City, have not been designated by the Commissioner of Public Property as necessary for other municipal uses.
      (b)   Agency. The Philadelphia Land Bank ("Land Bank") and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority ("Redevelopment Authority").
      (c)   Qualified Applicant. An individual or entity who meets the standards of the provisions of subsection 16-404(2)(a).
      (d)   Disposition. The conveyance, exchange, sale, transfer, grant, or mortgage of one or more interests in real property from any Agency to a private, non-Agency or non-governmental, party, but not including the provision of a leasehold interest.
      (e)   Disposition Policy. A uniform policy for the disposition of property by the Agencies that is attached as Exhibit A, that may be amended by ordinance, and that supplements, but is not inconsistent with, the provisions of this Chapter.



   Amended, 1977 Ordinances, p. 164; amended, 1979 Ordinances, p. 1520; amended, Bill No. 190606-AA (approved November 12, 2019). See note 32 for effective date provisions.