§ 16-310.  Lead Certification for City and Other Buildings Undergoing Renovation. 30
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   The terms Certified Lead Inspector, Lead Free, and Lead Safe shall have the meanings set forth in Section 6-802 of this Code ("Definitions").
      (b)   The terms Expenditure of Primarily City Capital Dollars and Major Renovation shall have the meanings set forth in Section 17-111 of this Code ("Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design in Construction of Buildings").
   (2)   Provision of Lead Free or Lead Safe Certification for City Buildings Prior to the Completion of Renovation.
      (a)   Prior to the completion of any major renovation involving a building constructed before 1978 that either: (i) is of a City-owned or occupied building; or (ii) involves the expenditure of primarily City capital dollars, provided that after such major renovation the City owns the building, the City and the entity in possession of the property at the time of renovation shall obtain a certification from a certified lead inspector that all areas of the building to which the public regularly will have access are lead free or lead safe.



   Added, Bill No. 180938 (approved April 10, 2019).