§ 16-308.  Baby Diaper Changing Stations in City Buildings and Facilities. 28
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Diaper changing station. An affixed station or table specifically designed for use to change a baby or young child's diaper equipped with safety straps or other appropriate means to secure the child.
   (2)   Provision of Diaper Changing Stations in City-Owned Buildings Open to the Public.
      (a)   Safe and sanitary diaper changing stations should be made available to any person, regardless of gender, in City-owned buildings and facilities, including but not limited to administrative buildings, recreation centers, senior centers, and pools that have restrooms generally open to the public.
      (b)   Appropriate signage shall identify the location of all such diaper changing stations.
   (3)   Installation of Diaper Changing Stations in Connection with Capital Projects.
      (a)   Diaper changing stations shall be installed or maintained in connection with every Major Renovation or New Construction project that involves the Expenditure of Primarily City Capital Dollars, as those phrases are defined in Section 17-111 of this Code ("Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design in Construction of Buildings"), at a ratio of at least one station per three bathrooms, provided that at least one station is available in each building to any person, regardless of gender.



   Added, Bill No. 160811 (approved December 20, 2016).