§ 16-307.  LED Lighting in City Buildings and Facilities. 27
   (1)   For purposes of this Section, the term "LED lighting" shall mean a two-lead semiconductor consisting of light emitting elements and a matched driver, including other parts, used to distribute light.
   (2)   LED lighting must be installed for all lighting purposes in connection with every Major Renovation or New Construction project that involves the Expenditure of Primarily City Capital Dollars, as those phrases are defined in Section 17-111 of this Code ("Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design in Construction of Buildings"), except as follows:
      (a)   LED lighting is not technically feasible in connection with a specific lighting situation, as determined by the project architect or other associated design professional;
      (b)   The use of LED in a specific situation presents an undue cost burden, as determined by the Commissioner of Public Property; or
      (c)   The Office of Sustainability determines that an alternative lighting proposal is more energy efficient.
   (3)   This requirement shall apply to all projects funded by the annual capital budget ordinance, unless in any particular fiscal year the ordinance contains specific contrary language, and shall apply in addition to any other restrictions placed on the expenditure of capital dollars contained in such an ordinance.



   Added, Bill No. 160362 (approved June 28, 2016). Section 2 of Bill No. 160362 provides: "This Ordinance shall be effective immediately. It shall apply to projects with respect to which the first bid solicitation for any design or construction work on the project is issued after the start of the 2017 fiscal year."