§ 16-305.  Wheelchair Accessibility in City Buildings and Facilities. 25
   (1)   No funds appropriated in the capital budget ordinance for any fiscal year for a project involving renovation or repairs to a building may be expended unless the building has at least one entrance that is wheelchair accessible or the renovation or repairs include creation of a wheelchair accessible entrance pursuant to the standards and requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
   (2)   This requirement shall apply to the current and all future annual capital budget ordinances, unless in any particular fiscal year the ordinance contains specific contrary language, and shall apply in addition to any other restrictions placed on the expenditure of capital dollars contained in such an ordinance.
   (3)   This requirement shall not apply to emergency repairs.



   Added, Bill No. 071001 (approved December 18, 2007). Section 2 of Bill No. 071001 provides: "This Ordinance shall become effective 30 days after it becomes law, and shall apply with respect to projects for which a contract for design had not been executed upon the effective date of this ordinance."