§ 16-301.  City Hall Aprons. 21
   Automobile parking shall be permitted on the aprons of City Hall designated as north side, east side and south side in accordance with the following:
   (1)   The Commissioner of Public Property shall within thirty (30) days prepare a plan for the allotment of spaces.
   (2)   Said plan shall have spaces allotted to the Mayor and no less than 20 spaces allotted to the Council on a 24 hour day basis.
   (3)   Each space shall be marked and identified for use by designated vehicles only.
   (4)   The entire area shall be designated a tow-away zone for unauthorized vehicles and subject to the regulations for such zones.
   (5)   Sufficient identification shall be visible on each vehicle to check the usage of space.
   (6)   The plan shall not be in effect until Council has passed a resolution approving it.



   Added, 1981 Ordinances, p. 112.