§ 16-205.  Communication and Electrical Transmission Facilities. 15
   (1)   The Department of Public Property may lease any City ducts, conduits, wires or other electrical conductors, which will not be needed for the period of the lease, to persons who have authority under special ordinance to lay, construct, string, maintain or use the class of ducts, conduits, wires or other electrical conductors being leased. 16
   (2)   The annual charge for such lease is nine and one-half cents ($0.095) per foot for 2-1/2 inch duct, and sixty dollars ($60) for each mile of wire, or part thereof.



   Renumbered, 1988 Ordinances, p. 983.
   Source: 1893 Ordinances, p. 189, as amended; 1948 Ordinances, p. 1013.