(17)   Magee Avenue. 758
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Title to the contrary, one (1) free-standing, double-faced non- accessory outdoor advertising sign, mounted to a single support structure, shall be permitted within the area generally bounded by Magee Avenue (extended), the Delaware River, Unruh Avenue, and New State Road, provided all of the following are satisfied:
(a)   The lot is zoned I-2 industrial, and abuts New State Road.
(b)   The area of each sign face is no more than 1,200 sq. ft.
(c)   The height of the sign from grade to the top of the sign does not exceed 86 ft.
(d)   External illumination shall be permitted.
(e)   Only static sign faces shall be permitted.
(f)   The sign shall be in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter 14-900, except that it need not be in compliance with § 14-905(3) (300 ft. of any residentially zoned property); § 14-905(4)(a) (area regulations); § 14-905(5)(a), (b), (c) (height regulations); § 14-905(10)(m), (n) (distance from park or recreational facility); § 14-905(10)(o) (within 660 ft. of any school); and § 14-905(12)(b)-(f) (permits).



   Added, Bill No. 160272 (approved August 4, 2016). "Magee Avenue" caption added by Code editor.