(14)   Nuisance, Unlawful, and Nonconforming Signs. 754.2
(a)   Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit L&I from removing a sign at any time without compensation that has been determined to be a public nuisance or unlawfully in existence under any other provision of The Philadelphia Code.
(b)   A nonconforming sign shall be maintained in good condition, but it shall not be structurally altered so as to enlarge or extend the area or height of the sign. However, a nonconforming sign shall not be reconstructed if for any reason it becomes necessary to replace the entire sign, including the sign face, the frame and any supporting mechanism, but excluding the foundation. 754.3



   Subsection caption amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).
   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).