(13)   Signs and Their Supporting Structures.
(a)   The supporting structures for non-accessory signs shall conform to the definition of a structure as set forth in Chapter 14-200, shall be considered as structures and shall conform to all the requirements regarding structures contained in this Chapter 14-900. However, Tables 14-602-1 through 14-602-4 shall not apply to outdoor advertising signs and their structures and therefore these types of signs may not be extended or reconstructed pursuant to reconstruction provisions otherwise applicable to Residential districts.
(b)   Non-accessory signs shall be considered as the principal use of a property and as a main structure and not as an accessory or ancillary use; provided that, in the Market Street East Advertising District, as defined in § 14-906, non-accessory signs, where permitted, shall be allowed as an additional principal use. 754.1



   Amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).