(8)   Digital Signs. 751
(a)   Digital signs shall not be erected or converted from non-digital to digital within 500 ft. of any residentially zoned district, nor face any residentially zoned district within 1,000 ft. of the sign.
(b)   Digital Illumination Standards; Automatic Dimming.
During daylight hours luminance of a digital billboard shall be no greater than 6,500 nits. At all other times, luminance of a digital billboard shall be no greater than 450 nits. In addition, digital billboards shall not operate at brightness levels of more than 0.3 foot candles above ambient light, as measured using a foot candle meter at the following preset distances:
Nominal Face Size
Distance to be Measured From
12' x 25'
10'6" x 36'
14' x 48'
20' x 60'
Automatic dimming is required to keep luminance within permitted levels at all times.
(c)   Motion.
All motion is prohibited on digital displays. Only static text and graphics shall be permitted. A display change between messages shall not constitute motion. Holographic or three-dimensional projections are prohibited. The digital display shall contain a default mechanism that will freeze the sign in one position or show a black blank screen if a malfunction occurs.
(d)   Timing.
The duration of each display shall be no less than eight (8) seconds.
(e)   Digital Sign Conversions.
Non-accessory signs may not be converted to digital unless they are located within 660 ft. of I-95 or I-76; are intended to be principally viewed from one of those roadways; and meet all of the other requirements of this code.
(f)   Applicability.
Unless expressly provided to the contrary, the provisions of this subsection (8) (Digital Billboards):
(.1)   Shall not apply in the Market East Advertising District described in § 14-906.
(.2)   Shall be considered safety regulations applicable to all signs, regardless whether they pre-date or post-date the addition of this subsection (8) to the Code.



   Amended, Bill No. 130656-AA (approved July 1, 2015); subsection caption amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).