(5)   Height Regulations. 749
(a)   The bottom edge of any outdoor advertising sign shall not be located more than 25 ft. above the road surface from which the advertising message is intended to be principally viewed and the sign shall not extend more than 20 ft. in height above its bottom edge, except as provided in subsection (5)(d).
(b)   When an outdoor advertising sign is to be erected in a location within 150 ft. of two or more street, road, highway, or bridge surfaces, the maximum height of an outdoor advertising sign shall be measured from the surface with the lowest grade elevation.
(c)   Where other provisions of The Philadelphia Code are more restrictive than this Chapter 14-900 in terms of height regulations, the more restrictive height regulations shall apply for non-accessory signs whether the signs are freestanding or roof signs.
(d)   Notwithstanding any other provision of this Code, if a noise barrier or permanent road sign erected by a governmental entity after a sign has been erected diminishes the visibility of the sign from the road surface from which the sign is intended to be principally viewed, then the height of the sign may be increased to the minimum height required to achieve the same degree of visibility from such road surface that the sign had prior to the erection of the noise barrier or permanent road sign. For purposes of this provision, a "noise barrier" is a standalone wall or similar structure designed for outdoor noise mitigation, whether denominated as a sound wall, sound berm, sound barrier, noise- attenuation barrier, acoustical barrier, or otherwise.



   Amended, Bill No. 130656-AA (approved July 1, 2015).