(3)   Building Identification Signs in CMX-4, CMX-5, IRMX, ICMX, I-1, and SP-CIV Districts. 746.1
In the CMX-4, CMX-5, IRMX, ICMX, I-1, and SP-CIV districts, building identification signs in excess of the signage allowed by Table 14-904-1 are permitted on a building, provided they are approved by the Art Commission and comply with the following requirements:
(a)   A building identification sign is permitted on each facade of a building, provided the signs contain the same message for the same single tenant on each facade. For example, the Widget Corporation could have an identical logo sign on each building facade of the building in which it is located.
(b)   The bottom edge of a building identification sign must be at least 150 ft. high.
(c)   Roof building identification signs shall be prohibited. Wall building identification signs shall not extend above the roof line.
(d)   Building identification signs with animated illumination shall require special exception approval. 747



   Amended, Bill No. 210078-A (approved April 28, 2021).
   Amended, Bill No. 170504 (approved July 11, 2017).