(2)   Stacking Lanes.
(a)   Design.
Stacking lanes shall be provided for any use having a drive-through establishment and shall comply with the following standards:
(.1)   Drive-through stacking lanes shall have a minimum width of 10 ft.
(.2)   When stacking lanes are separated from other stacking lanes, from bypass lanes, or from other site areas, the separation shall be by means of a raised concrete median, concrete curb, or landscape area.
(.3)   Stacking lanes shall be set back 20 ft. from any property line.
(b)   Stacking Space and Lane Requirements.
The number of required stacking spaces shall be as provided for in the following Table 14-805-1.
Table 14-805-1: Stacking Space Requirements 707
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Minimum Stacking Spaces (per lane)
Measured From:
Financial Services or Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
Window or ATM
Eating and Drinking Establishments
Order Board
Personal Vehicle Repair and Maintenance – full service car wash
Outside of Washing Bay
Personal Vehicle Repair and Maintenance – self service car wash
Outside of Washing Bay
Vehicle Fueling Stations
End of Pump Island
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   Amended, Bill No. 150264 (approved June 16, 2015).