(7)   Regulations Applicable to Specific Areas.
The following additional parking regulations are applicable to specific areas of the City. When the regulations of Chapter 14-800 (Parking and Loading) are inconsistent with the requirements of this § 14-802(7) (Regulations Applicable to Specific Areas), the requirements of this § 14-802(7) shall control.
(a)   CMX-1 Parking.
All buildings in the CMX-1 district shall comply with the parking requirements of the most restrictive adjacent district; provided, however, that when the proposed building is attached to another building in an adjacent district, the regulations of that district shall apply.
(b)   CA-1 and CA-2 Parking.
(.1)   The number of parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with the following schedule, except as provided in § 14-802(7)(b)(.1)(.a) and § 14-802(7)(b)(.1)(.b), below:
Table 14-802-5: CA-1 and CA-2 Required Parking
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Net Leasable Area of Building
Spaces per 1,000 sq. ft. of Net Leasable Area
First 100,000 sq. ft. of Net Leasable Area
Net Leasable Area in excess of 100,000 sq. ft. up to 200,000 sq. ft.
Net Leasable Area in excess of 200,000 sq. ft.
(.a)   For any building in a CA-2 district that contains two or more stories, the number of parking spaces required shall be as stated above for the first floor, plus fifty percent (50%) of the stated requirements for any floors above the first floor.
(.b)   Assembly and entertainment uses and religious assembly uses that are constructed or expanded, shall provide one parking space for every four permanent seats. In the case of a building expansion, this ratio shall be met for the existing assembly and entertainment or religious assembly space as well as the addition.
(.2)   Where a CA-1 or CA-2 district is located on the same block frontage as a Residential district, all parking spaces and aisles shall be located behind the minimum setback required by the most restrictive Residential district on the same block.
(c)   Delaware River Waterfront. 677
Parking for sit-down restaurants and nightclubs and private clubs on a commercially-zoned lot within the area bounded by Rhawn street, the Delaware River, Allegheny Avenue, and the Delaware Expressway (I-95) as well as the area bounded by the Delaware Expressway (I-95), Frankford Avenue, Delaware Avenue, and Columbia Avenue as shown on the following maps for illustrative purposes only, shall meet the following standards, notwithstanding any other parking requirements set forth in this Chapter 14-800 or elsewhere in this Zoning Code.
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(.1)   Required Parking Spaces.
The minimum number of required parking spaces for any sit-down restaurants or nightclubs and private clubs in Commercial districts shall be determined by the legal occupancy (pursuant to the Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code) of the use as follows:
(.a)   Sit-Down Restaurant: one space per four occupants; and
(.b)   Nightclubs and Private Clubs: one space per two occupants.
(.2)   Location of Parking.
All required parking shall be located either on:
(.a)   the same lot as the sit-down restaurants or nightclubs and private clubs;
(.b)   on an abutting lot; or
(.c)   on a non-abutting lot (where parking is a permitted principal use) that is within 1,000 ft. of the sit-down restaurant or nightclub and private club; provided that a special exception approval is obtained.



   Amended, Bill No. 130636 (approved January 8, 2014); amended, Bill No. 160335 (approved June 28, 2016).