(2)   Applicability.
(a)   New Construction and Additions.
The provisions of this Chapter 14-800 apply to structures that are newly-erected or expanded, except for the following:
(.1)   Development that increases by twenty-five percent (25%) or less the number of dwelling units in the structure or the gross floor area of the structure, where there is no change of use; and
(.2)   Structures that are destroyed, as set forth in § 14-305(10) (Reconstruction of Destroyed Structures).
(b)   Change of Use.
(.1)   The parking and loading requirements of this section are applicable to any change of use that requires more parking and loading spaces than the existing use as set forth by this Zoning Code, except as set forth in § 14-801(2)(b)(.2) and § 14-801(2)(d), below. 666
(.2)   The minimum parking and loading requirements of this section do not apply to any change of use within a structure constructed before the effective date of this Zoning Code, provided that the changes is to a permitted or approved special exception use for the zoning district where the lot is located.
(c)   More Specific Standards Elsewhere in the Zoning Code.
When an individual zoning district or the rules and exceptions for the zoning districts in another section of this Zoning Code contain parking and/or loading requirements that are different than the requirements of this section, the requirements in those sections shall take precedence over this section.
(d)   Historic Structures. 667
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Zoning Code, no parking or loading spaces shall be required for any portion of a building or structure that, pursuant to Chapter 14-1000, has been designated as historic; or that is located in a district that has been designated as historic and that contributes, in the Historical Commission's opinion, to the character of such district. Additions or expansions to such buildings or structures, as well as portions of such buildings or structures that are not designated as historic or considered contributing by the Historical Commission, shall be subject to a reduction of fifty percent (50%) of the minimum parking or loading requirement.



   Amended, Bill No. 190611-A (approved November 12, 2019), effective January 1, 2020.
   Added, Bill No. 190611-A (approved November 12, 2019), effective January 1, 2020.