(4)   Subdivision Block and Lot Standards.
(a)   The length, width, and shape of blocks shall be designed with due regard for topography and drainage, the requirements of the base and overlay zoning districts in which the property is located, suitable building sites for the land use contemplated, and safe and convenient vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation.
(b)   All blocks shall be provided with a minimum three ft. wide planting strip adjacent to any public right-of-way.
(c)   Reverse frontage lots shall be avoided except where essential to provide separation from traffic arteries or to provide protection for abutting properties or to overcome certain conditions of topography or orientation.
(d)   Residential blocks must have sufficient depth to accommodate two tiers of lots, except where reverse frontage lots are required pursuant to § 14-708(4)(c) above.
(e)   Interior walkways are required where necessary to facilitate circulation or provide access to community facilities.
(f)   Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines.
(g)   Depth and width of lots laid out or reserved for nonresidential use shall be adequate for the use proposed and shall be of sufficient size to provide for off-street loading, unloading, and parking.
(h)   Where no off-lot sewerage or water facilities are available, the allowable lot size shall be determined by the Commission. In fixing the allowable lot size, the Commission shall give consideration to the topography of the site, the location of existing and proposed buildings on the lot and existing buildings on adjacent lots, the location of existing sewerage and water facilities on adjacent property, the water table, the geology and characteristics of the soil, the type and size of proposed sewerage and water facilities, and the estimated use of those facilities.