(2)   Applicability.
The outdoor lighting standards of this section apply to all exterior site and parking lot lighting installed on private lots after the effective date of this Zoning Code except:
(a)   Lighting for accessory and non-accessory signs.
(b)   Outdoor lighting for a single-family or two-family use.
(c)   Outdoor lighting used exclusively for public recreational activities, sporting events at stadiums and ball fields, concerts, plays, or other outdoor events that are open to the public.
(d)   Outdoor lighting used for emergency equipment and work conducted in the interest of law enforcement or for public health, safety, or welfare.
(e)   Outdoor lighting used for a temporary event lasting less than 14 days.
(f)   Seasonal outdoor lighting used less than 60 days per calendar year.
(g)   Outdoor parking lot lighting in Special Purpose (SP) zoning districts.