(1)   General Purpose.
The general purpose of this section is to:
(a)   Allow full development of properties consistent with the dimensional standards established in § 14-701 and the Floor Area Bonuses established in § 14-702, while establishing baseline requirements for building and site features that will create stable residential neighborhoods, commercial, and industrial areas.
(b)   Enhance the public realm.
(c)   Ameliorate conflict between existing and new structures.
(d)   Encourage effective development of street frontages and other public elements that enable new projects to add value to existing communities.
(e)   Encourage creative and sustainable design responses to contemporary opportunities.
(f)   Improve the overall design quality of the city through the use of objective standards that can be administered by L&I without the need for individualized design review of projects, except in those cases covered by § 14-304(5) (Civic Design Review).