(10)   Home Occupations.
(a)   General.
A home occupation is conducted as an accessory use in a residential dwelling unit. The standards of this section are intended to ensure that home occupations will not be a detriment to the character and livability of the surrounding neighborhood. The regulations recognize that many types of work can be done in a home with little or no effect on the surrounding neighborhood.
(b)   Categories of Home Occupations.
Three categories of home occupations are recognized and are set forth in § 14-604(10)(b)(.1) through § 14-604(10)(b)(.3), below. Each category of home occupation is permitted in accordance with Table 14-604-1. Where a home occupation does not meet one of the categories provided in § 14-604(10)(b)(.1) through § 14-604(10)(b)(.3), below, it is prohibited by this Zoning Code in all zoning districts. All permitted home occupations shall comply with the standards provided in § 14-604(10)(d) (Standards).
(.1)   Home office. 545
A home occupation conducted solely by the residents of the dwelling unit without the employment of other persons. All sales, services or work that requires the presence of a partner, employee, or customer shall take place off the premises. Accessory signs are prohibited.
(.2)   Home business, Professional.
A home occupation for a doctor of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, chiropractic, optometry or podiatry; minister; lawyer; licensed psychologist; or architect. Each professional home business is permitted one regularly-employed assistant on the premises. Nonresident partners and colleagues shall not visit the premises to engage in the occupation.
(.3)   Home business, General.
A home occupation, other than professional home businesses, where nonresident partners, employees, or customers visit the premises to engage in the occupation. Up to three persons (including one permitted employee) who are not residents of the dwelling unit in which the home business is conducted may be present on the premises at any one time in connection with the home business.
Table 14-604-1: Home Occupations Table 546
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Home Occupation Category
RSD Districts
RSA Districts
RTA Districts
RM Districts
RMX Districts
All other districts
Y = Yes permitted as of right | S = Special exception approval required
N = Not allowed (expressly prohibited)
Home office
Home business, professional
Home business, general
(c)   Permitted Uses.
(.1)   Permitted home occupations are restricted to the following uses:
(.a)   Business and professional offices;
(.b)   Sole medical, dental, and health practitioners;
(.c)   Business support services;
(.d)   Financial services;
(.e)   Personal services, limited to individual instruction of music, and individual tutoring services; and 547
(.f)   Artist studios and artisan industrial.
(.2)   Regulated uses, as set forth in § 14-603(13) (Regulated Uses), are expressly prohibited as home occupations.
(.3)   Family child cares are not regulated as home occupations and are not subject to the regulations of this section. See § 14-603(5) (Child Care). 548
(d)   Standards.
A dwelling unit may be used for one home occupation subject to compliance with all of the following minimum requirements:
(.1)   The owner of the home occupation shall reside in the dwelling unit in which the home occupation is located.
(.2)   Home occupations must be accessory and secondary to the use of a dwelling unit for residential purposes.
(.3)   No more than one off-street parking space shall be permitted for the home occupation.
(.4)   Home occupations may not result in changes to the residential character of the residential building in which it is located. No separate building entrance that is visible from the street may be added to the residential building for the sole use of the home occupation.
(.5)   Home occupations may not adversely affect the residential character of the neighborhood. Home occupations may not, for example, produce noise, vibration, glare, odors, parking/loading demands, traffic, or other effects that unreasonably interfere with any person's enjoyment of their residence.
(.6)   The home occupation and all related activities must be conducted within a completely enclosed principal or accessory building.
(.7)   Truck deliveries or pick-ups of supplies or products associated with a home occupation are allowed only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Deliveries and pick-ups shall be limited to parcel and small freight carriers.



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