(17)   Wireless Service Facilities (Building or Tower-Mounted Antenna). 530
Building- or tower-mounted antennas and supporting electrical and mechanical equipment are subject to the following requirements:
(a)   They are prohibited on a lot containing a single-family or two-family use.
(b)   They must be painted or screened in a way to match the colors or simulate the materials of the building or tower on which they are mounted.
(c)   They may not be artificially illuminated, unless required by the FAA. If lighting is required, the lighting alternatives and design chosen must cause the least disturbance to the surrounding uses.
(d)   They may not have signs attached to them unless required by the FAA, FCC, or other applicable authority.
(e)   Building-mounted antennas may be mounted to the wall or roof. Antennas, including supporting electrical and mechanical equipment, shall not exceed 15 ft. in height.
(f)   Modification of any tower to accommodate an additional antenna may not cause the height of the tower, excluding antennas, to be increased more than 10 ft. beyond the tower height originally approved.



   Amended, Bill No. 120774-A (approved January 14, 2013).