(13)   Regulated Uses.
(a)   Designation of Regulated Uses. 528
The following uses are designated as regulated uses:
(.1)   Adult-oriented merchandise;
(.2)   Adult-oriented service;
(.3)   Drug paraphernalia sales; 528.1
(.4)   Gun shops;
(.5)   Detention and correctional facilities; and
(.6)   Personal credit establishments.
(b)   Regulations and Standards.
(.1)   Separation Requirements.
No regulated use may be located:
(.a)   Within a zoning district where such use is not expressly allowed;
(.b)   Within 1,000 ft. of any other existing regulated use;
(.c)   Within 500 ft. of any Residential district or SP-INS district;
(.d)   Within 1,000 ft. of any SP-ENT zoning district; or
(.e)   Within 500 ft. of the nearest lot line of a lot containing any protected use (see § 14-203(249) (Protected Use)).
(.2)   Discontinuance of Operations.
If a regulated use ceases or discontinues operation for a continuous period of 90 days or more, the regulated use may not resume, or be replaced by any other regulated use unless it complies with the regulated use requirements of this section.



   Amended and subsection (.10) deleted, Bill No. 150766 (approved December 8, 2015); amended and subsections (.7), (.8), and (.9) deleted, Bill No. 210078-A (approved April 28, 2021).
   Amended, Bill No. 210159 (approved May 11, 2021).