(9)   Junk and Salvage Yards and Buildings.
(a)   The minimum required lot size for junk and salvage yards and buildings is two acres.
(b)   Junk and salvage yards and buildings may not be located within 150 ft. of any Residential district.
(c)   If the junk and salvage yard/building is located in any district other than the I-3 or I-P, a masonry wall, not less than eight ft. in height and not more than 12 ft. in height, shall be constructed and maintained in good condition around all property boundaries abutting a zoning district other than I-3 or I-P. All activities and stored materials must be confined to the walled-in area. There may be no stacking of material above the height of the masonry wall, but moveable equipment used in the conduct of junk or salvage activities may exceed that height.
(d)   All buildings, screening, and junk or salvage materials must be set back at least 20 ft. from any public street, and that setback area shall be landscaped in accordance with § 14-705(2) (Street Tree Requirements).
(e)   Open burning is prohibited.
(f)   No outdoor industrial processes involving the use of equipment for cutting, shredding, compressing, or packaging may be conducted within 300 ft. of a Residential district.
(g)   All roads, driveways, parking lots, and loading and unloading areas within any junk or salvage yard or building must be surfaced with a material to prevent wind-born dust from being carried outside the walled area.
(h)   All fluids must be drained from junk and salvage motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts within seven days after those vehicles or parts are brought onto the site, and those fluids must be disposed of in compliance with all applicable laws.
(i)   Junk and salvage yards and buildings are subject to the fencing requirements of Philadelphia Code Section 9-612.