(7)   Vehicle Repair and Maintenance. 525
The following regulations apply to personal vehicle repair and maintenance uses and commercial vehicle repair and maintenance uses:
(a)   Vehicles being repaired or undergoing maintenance shall be stored on the lot and completely within the property lines.
(b)   Vehicles shall not be parked or stored for more than 14 consecutive days, except if:
(.1)   A vehicle is abandoned by its lawful owner prior to or during the repair process and the owner or operator of the establishment can demonstrate that steps have been taken to obtain legal title to the vehicle, provided the vehicle is removed from the site no later than three days after the legal process is complete; and
(.2)   The vehicle repair and maintenance use complies with the fencing requirements of Philadelphia Code Section 9-612, as though it were a junk and salvage yard.
(c)   Areas of the lot used for vehicle repair and maintenance, storage of vehicles being repaired or undergoing maintenance, and all accessways and driveways from the street shall be covered with a hard-top surface of cement concrete, bituminous concrete, or asphalt.



   Amended, Bill No. 161003-A (approved May 8, 2017); amended, Bill No. 190313 (approved July 17, 2019); amended, Bill No. 210075 (approved March 29, 2021).